Website Design

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We can design and build virtually any type of website that you might need. It will always be designed for you and your needs and taste. We will create a clean and professional design based on your direction and our knowledge of good design. This will then be turned into a fully functioning website that fits all of your company's needs.

A website should be designed with the end user in mind and we should never forget this. The end user can view your site using many different platforms and devices. We will create a site that is consistent and stable across the many devices / platforms / browsers / screen sizes that are available.

We design for you (the client), not for our portfolio, so client satisfaction is our goal.

To see examples of our work, we could show you the sites that we like best, but this may not give you the information you really need. Simply click here to see our current client list, click on the link to their site and have a look around. You may like some, none or all of the sites we have built, but this doesn't really matter, because if you choose to work with us, you will like the site we build for you, which is what matters.


Some simple additions to your site can be added easily and cheaply, these include;

To create the following sites we recommend...
normal website - Wordpress
CMS website - Wordpress
Blog - Wordpress
Social Blog - tumblr
Shop - Wordpress
Larger Shop >200 sales per day - Magento
Forum - Wordpress
Small Mailing List <2000 addresses - Wordpress
Larger Mailing List - PHPList

All of these are free to download/use. The cost is only the cost of the it takes to install, set-up & configure.
We recomend Magento for large shops, but are unable to build sites using this platform.