Screensaver 01

A screensaver in the classic sense of the term.
Install it, and it will run automatically after a period of inactivity.
Displaying the message "BACK SOON"

Follow the instructions below to download and run the screensaver

1. Click on the PC link
2. Download the program to your computer
3. Unzip the file.
4. Double-click the icon on your computer
5. This will install the screensaver

Screensaver 02

Not really a screensaver, but just a web page, that says,
"I'm just popping out for a fag, back in 10 mins"
Click here to see the page

due to my own time and motion study, I have only created SCREENSAVER1 for the PC.
Depending on user interest, I 'might' do one for the MAC.
Contact Us if you want to moan about it.