To give non-smokers a reasonable excuse to do something less boring than work.

What we mean by this is if we are not working and we are a non-smoker, sometimes we would like to be able to pop out for a fag break, without necessarily starting to smoke.

We are trying to highlight the difference that exists between the working hours of the ‘smoker’ and ‘non-smoker’.

If a smoker is allowed to spend time during the working day, smoking and not working, then we would like the same privilege, in the form of fewer working hours, the freedom to have a VFAG break, or do whatever we want, for the same amount of time each day.

Using a VFAG, you can choose how to have your break.

  1. run a VFAG, choose a reason and leave, come back when you are done.
  2. run a VFAG SURF, surf the web for the time it takes to have a fag.
  3. leave you desk, and let the SCREENSAVER do the work.

It could be argued by smokers, that for the benefit of non-smokers, they ‘HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE’ to smoke. Well, fine, thanks, but going outside just means you are away from your desk for even longer. You do fewer hours work than those of us left behind, and we want the same.

We have nothing against anyone smoking or vaping, fill your boots. We are happy for smokers to smoke whenever they want to, we just want the same rules for us all, and to be quite honest, we would all like a shorter working day. If we’d wanted smoking to be banned during working hours, then we would not have created this website now, would we?

Daily reasons for creating this site

Well, it’s because we are fed up with:

  • Having to continually tell people where the co-worker is, “Oh, (s)he must have popped out for a fag break “ (usually 5 minutes after they have walked through the door in the morning).
  • Answering someone else’s persistently ringing phone, which hasn’t had the answerphone switched on. This incessant ringing is driving us mad. It can only be stopped by answering the phone, which just gives us another job, taking a fricking message for you.
  • Getting stressed out at work and not having, a release, somewhere to go. We want something we can do, that is not seen as a waste of company time, without starting to smoke.

And we don’t give a rat’s arse if you don’t agree or feel we are whinging, it’s not up for debate, it’s just the way we feel.

So now all you need to do is click here to spend some of the time you are owed.