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flymedia is based in Loughton, Essex. We are very near to north east London and Loughton is situated on the London Underground. Most of our existing clients are based locally in Loughton, Debden, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Woodford, Epping or in and around London, however we do also have clients from further afield and even some from overseas.

Whilst it is not absolutely necessary for us to meet in person, many of our clients will have had an initial meeting to discuss their needs and ideas. This face to face meeting can help in a number of ways. During the meeting we listen to your needs and will ask questions about them. We will give an outline of our recommendations for a successful project.

Knowing exactly what you want can be difficult if you don't know all the options. Tell us what you want, we can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each suggestion. We can also suggest other options that you may not have previously thought of. The internet is a fast changing environment, it's difficult to know what is current and what is not. The client is also not always aware of the cost of the things that they want, they may want something way beyond their budget or conversely they may have dismissed something that is relatively inexpensive. We will help with what your company needs.

We are not a faceless organisation hosting thousands of sites in some far off location. We are real people.

We aim to provide a personal and professional solution for all types of design work. We provide a cost effective way of hosting, that can be made as easy as you need, no technical knowledge is required. You are not tied to us and can adapt all your services as needed. We can help you at every stage of our journey together.

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